Non-Obvious 2019 review

I was lucky enough to get a copy of Non-Obvious 2019 to review just before Christmas and I was jolly pleased, because I usually buy it anyway.

Non-Obvious offers two things;-

  • a methodology for trend identification
  • trends that the Non-Obvious author (Rohit Bhargava) and team have identified using that method

The trends that come out are applicable, useful and just over the horizon, so, close enough to be relatable but far enough out that if you employ them you make an impact for your clients. As an example, one of last year’s trends was Ungendered and low and behold what do we see in 2018 but the Collusion collection on ASOS and Gucci’s Future is Fluid film.

But in case you are bored by the idea of just another trend set, Non-Obvious actually does a review of where they were right and where they were wrong. Unusual. And confidence inspiring.

This year’s trends run from Strategic Spectacle, which focuses in on the continued rise of experiential in marketing to Muddled Masculinity, which addresses the challenges faced by the modern male as women become more vocal and empowered and gender roles flex. There is also a great list of books and online resources everyone interested in culture and trends should read and that ill help

Me and my team use the methodology as a part our experiential trends development. It’s great!

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