Preparing our kids for the future

Image result for kids thinking technology changing our world so rapidly in the last ten years and with AI becoming ever more present in our lives there is a lot of discussion around preparing our children for the future. This tends to focus on the fact that the jobs that might be around the corner are likely not to even exist yet and that we have to skill up our kids.

The jobs I have done for most of my life (website management, content strategy and experiential creative strategy ) weren’t around when I was born – strategy kicked off in the USA in the 80s, the web wasn’t even created until 1989. And yet…here I am doing the jobs.

80% of the programming languages used today weren’t around when I was a child. And yet there are millions of people my age happily working as coders and designers. But how? I hear you gasp incredulous.

My guess? They were taught how to use their brains to the best of their ability and talents. They were taught how to think. We need to stop teaching people to do stuff and focus more on teaching them how to think about stuff – whether it’s practical stuff or theoretical stuff. Focusing blindly on programming and coding isn’t going to help them any more than teaching them how to work mining machinery.

And if we crack the nut of making their education enjoyable they can pivot, reskill and develop on their career paths so that it won’t matter if they never learned Perl, they’ll teach themselves, like I did.

And then they’ll teach themselves another language. And another.

And they’ll love doing it.


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