Inclusive experiences

This is a lovely piece about a Down’s Syndrome Model for JoJo Maman Bebe. Eleanor’s first steps went viral during lockdown and the brand picked her out for their autumn catalogue.

When brands are inclusive everyone benefits. The customers are represented now feel included. Customers who are not directly impacted both have their experience of life extended and feel part of a brand that acts in the right way – developing brand affliation. The retailer or brand benefits because they extend their customer set and reinforce their brand values.

This doesn’t only apply to advertising but to experiences.  And in this strange time it’s even more important that we consider everyone’s needs because much of our experiential work is online.

So, if we are launching a product via video does our platform provide transcription for the hard of hearing?

Do we have every image described so that screen readers can explain what is happening for those who can’t see?

Is the language we are using simple and easy to understand?

If we are sending out products as part of our experiences have we considered the ability of our audiences to open?

Just because most people are at home doens’t mean they change who they are. Thinking about really effective and impactful experiences means thinking about all our audiences and imagining how we can create moments that reach all of them.

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