Planning for hybrid events

I’m sure we are all familiar with the idea of the hybrid experience. While we wait for vaccines to roll out fully it’s still something of a pipe dream. But few doubt that hybrid content will be a significant addition to the experiential arsenal starting from the 3rd quarter of this year (virus depending!).

What we can all agree is that one fixed camera pointed at masked presenters on stage presented by Facebook Live does not a hybrid event make.

So, how do we have a positive conversation around the need for tailored streams of content that play differently for online and offline audiences? This will be essential as we move forward, both for our own strategic and creative needs and when we come to present good hybrd ideas to clients.

I have developed a simple tool called the Hybrid Helix. It’s a way to map out for project participants that there are two, clear, intersecting streams of experience and engagement, which require different content/engagement strategies.

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I have found that it helps to demonstrate which parts of an experience are common to both online and offline parties and which parts need to be considered as separate engagements. This then allows us to have deeper conversations about expectations and investment.

Have you found any other mapping or planning tools that can help your teams or clients ideate/strategise experiences in a new hybrid context?