katie_pMy name is Katie Streten and I am Head of Experiential Strategy at VMLYRCommerce, MENA.  The opinions expressed on this blog are mine and may not aways reflect the views of VMLYRCommerce.

I am responsible for developing insights that drive effective experiential and brand strategy, constructing narratives for/with audiences. And working with the team to make them happen in a physical/digital environment – online and/or offline.

I was previously Global Head of Strategy on the  Ford account at brand experience agency, Imagination, USA and Head of Consumer Insight .

I have 17 years experience of constructing and managing experiences and communities online and I am still excited by digital content in all its forms. I’ve worked for companies such as Thomson International, The Science Museum in London and Channel 4.  I have a particular interest in gaming and play.

I have worked on clients like Twitter, Porsche, Samsung, BT, The Royal Opera House , Body Shop, Ford, Royal College of Music and JLR.

I also write about spirituality, Christianity and women.

You can check out my portfolio here.

Occasionally people ask me and pay me to review other websites. I’ll always drop a note into the post if this is the case.

Other stuff:-

5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello Katie,

    We haven’t met before so forgive us for a quick introduction. We’re Robin of Shoreditch, an anonymous group of creative outlaws looking to take from the rich and give to the poor. In this particular instance, the people of Haiti.

    How? Well, we’re not rescue workers. And we’d be no good on a celebrity single. But what we can do is provide creative ideas that can add value to businesses and brands. So we’re providing every one of Brand Z’s Top 100 brands with just such a creative idea. In return, all we’re asking for is 1/10,000,000 (that’s one ten-millionth) of the value of those brands as a fee. Not for us. 100% of that fee will be going to the continued relief efforts in Haiti.

    So why should you care? Well, we’d like to ask a little favour. You see, the more people who know about this project, the more pressure will build on the brands to pay their ‘invoices’ and the more money will be sent to Haiti. So we’d really appreciate it if you could put the word out on your blog and send people along to http://www.robinofshoreditch.com. Hopefully that way news of the project will spread so that the brands in question see that it’s in their best interests to pay up.

    We do hope you can help.

    Robin of Shoreditch

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