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I work for a brand experience agency, Imagination, as the Global Head of Strategy for our Ford work. I am responsible for delivering strategy and constructing narratives for/with brands. And making them happen in an experiential environment - online or offline. I also work with our other clients such as UWSEM and Gypsy Vodka.

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Information R/evolution

Mike Wesch who created “The Machine is using us” the best explanation of web 2.0 out there has come up with another beautiful and clear video to explain information and data management in the context of the web. It’s essential to bear in mind content creation in the context of web information structures – no categories, no shelves a freedom of structure. Everything is connected. So trying to construct narratives that don’t reach out beyond their delivery platform is like giving all your hard work and brilliant design a death sentence.

We have to create brand narratives that reach every part of the information structure, because we can’t control the user’s media experience any longer.

104.9 The Breakfast Show with Alex Zane

XFM Breakfast Show logoThat title’s not a shameless piece of free marketing for a rather good breakfast show (well, it is but not in the way you think) that’s the name of one former inhabitant of Croydon who has changed his name by deed poll to “104.9(first name) The Breakfast Show (middle name) with Alex Zane(surname)” in an attempt to win £10,000 in their XFM’s Free Marketeers campaign going on at the moment. Brilliant for XFM – it made a very funny segment of the show, it will inevitably get them press exposure they wouldn’t have got otherwise and an expensive marketing team didn’t have to sit around working out what they could achieve with the ten grand. After all, what does ten grand buy you nowadays in exposure? Precious little.

Top marks for the XFM marketing team, I think they just earned their Christmas bonus. Not so sure about 104.9 though…

Anyway, I am doing my small part to help him get more publicity for the show because I think that changing your name for the benefit of a brand – even one you love – is a step further than I would take!

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