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I work for a brand experience agency, Imagination, as the Global Head of Strategy for our Ford work. I am responsible for delivering strategy and constructing narratives for/with brands. And making them happen in an experiential environment - online or offline. I also work with our other clients such as UWSEM and Gypsy Vodka.


Beautiful design, great usability, cool music.


i-phone love. Steps to convergence

I had the chance to play with an iPhone last week when the creative director of the NY office came over to visit Store Street. It truly is a thing of beauty as I think others of us have already noted. But what is really exciting me is that sites and experiences are already being developed specifically for the iPhone – for instance the new Netvibes interface and upcoming Facebook customised site. This is because the iPhone is unique in it’s interface to the web, it finally makes the web usable on a phone. So all you need to do if to get really great content to an iPhone is create a fairly straightforward website.

This is exciting because where iPhone leads the other mobile phone manufacturers will follow, the market has been proven. And creating phones that effectively browse the web, rather than having to download games and applications, means no morre “65 versions of the same game for 65 different network and phone model combinations”. This could take us one giant step further towards true convergence.

Get happy with convergence

I love it when content in one media gets so linked into another that you can’t really “do” one without the other. My favourite example of this is Benrik

It’s a community built around various publications for example This Diary Will Change Your Life – a diary with activities and things to think of posted throughout the year. The book points to the site and the site points to the book and both would be the poorer without the other.

Finding genuinely transmedia projects that don’t just support each other but are completely integrated is rare, but when they work, like this they form a virtuous circle – marketing each other, building brand loyalty, extending life cycles and also extending the creative potential of the brand, for instance Benrik is now releasing a new book which is based on forums within the site where people of different ages discuss what they think they ought to be doing based on that age. eg by the age of 35 I should have already written my great novel….off now to have a coffee and think about that.