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Mobile-less mobiles? – Touche from Disney Research

Here is a very dry film about a new interface system from Disney Research. Though it’s dry it’s very much worth a watch. The most interesting part comes about 3/4 of the way through the film when they begin to demonstrate using the human body as an interface – no touch screen, no knobs, no buttons, just clasped hands, fingers touched together. There is a lot of interesting stuff about using water too, but what fascinates me is the idea that people will look back on our mobiles in the same way we look back on old school telephone exchanges.


Things, films and going live in social – Part 2 Killa Kela

As you know, t’s been all go for social media at work recently. Not least because in around 2 weeks flat we filmed edited and launched a film with the sounds of Killa Kela,the beatboxer, and the Focus ST.

Why a beatboxer with an ST?  Well, cars lend themselves so well to videos of “hooning” beauty shots and the engine revving. But this car has a special “sound symposer” that has been developed from Mustang technology so you can see why we’d want to make a feature out of that. And then of course there is the target audience magic that has to be applied which makes Killa Kela’s vocal stylings a perfect match to demonstrate precision and power.

Enough of the strategy stuff already. It’s a great film! Hope you enjoy it. And of course, if you do please don’t feel backward about coming forward to share it!

Things, films and going live in social – Part 1

It’s been all go for social media at work recently. What with social media week last week and the Paris autoshow starting immediately after that finished I could be described as pooped. In a nice way…

So I thought I would give a little run down in chronological order backwards of the stuff we’ve been up to starting with FordLIVE.

Yes, Zoe and the team are back and they are reporting from the Ford stand at the Paris autoshow. It’s important to us that the stand experience reaches further than the stand itself. Socialising Ford’s content in this way allows people who might never otherwise attend and enjoy a stand to get a flavour of the experience. Hope you enjoy the latest installment!

an ingenious illusion

Those who read the blog regularly will know that I received a hologram from the nice folks at B-MAX as part of an awareness campaign around the coming launch. The next step in the pre-launch activity is now out there in the world and has been done by my company, Imagination. Hope you enjoy the illusion and if you have an iPhone maybe download the app so you can do an ingenious illusion yourself!

Speaking out

I am coming into London tonight for an event organised by Laura North at the University of the Arts for their course reps. I’ll be talking about how to deliver confident presentations and also how to gain confidence speaking in meetings. I have done an event for Laura before, a couple actually, and I’m looking forward to this one. It’s nice to be able to pass on skills rather than hoarding them to yourself!

It’s also nice to be doing something a little bit work related and leaving the Mini Dictator at home to play with my husband.

Goovies are great!

Hoorrah! The Goovies are on again. These are Cadbury’s Creme Egg sponsored animations provided by my favourite of all web amusement sites

I think these are a good example of an agency teaming with creatives to deliver something that really enhances a campaign and is really effective in its own right. The Goovies are true to the cracking (geddit) amusement levels of weebl and bob and the brilliantly off-kiltre and slightly macabre Cadbury’s Creme Egg goo suicide campaign and they seem to have let the creators of weebl and bob just get on with doing what they do, making highly amusing animations – which is I assume, why they wanted to work with them in the first place. Too often agencies see the creative work of others and rip it off. This is an example of how the brand and the creatives have worked very well, over a few years.

Anyway, here’s the first one – Eggvatar.