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Top 10 Top 10s

Ok I am going to cheat and include some 25s and some 5s but since everyone likes to sum up a year or a period of record sales or whatever the hell you care to mention by using top 10s I thought I would too. Only I would point away from myself to some interesting pieces and writing by others. Here goes:
10. Top 25 Auto brands discussed online – Does it equate to sales?

9.  Top 13 Science Stories of 2008 on Wired – including a couple of ETs

8.  Top 10 Strategic technologies for 2009 – including cloud computing of course and green computing

7.  Top 10 predictions for the mobile marketplace in 2009 – refreshing to see someone say that “Monile TV still won’t take off in 2009′ . Props for the most realistic prediction!

6. Top 6 predictions for digital advertising – my favourite being digital linking to the physical world. About time.

5. Top 42 marketing predictions from Junta – whether there is much value in having 42 predictions  I don’t know (let’s face it some of them have to come true). However, I like the exuberance of it in these crunchy times.

4. Top 10 games of 2008 from the Guardian – predictably including Tombraider Underworld, delightfully including Spore, pleasingly includng World of Warcraft and frustratingly including Fable II when I haven’t even played Fable yet.

3.  Top 10 most powerful blogs – Predictable but keep going to the top 50 for some more interesting options

2.  Top 10 most obvious news stories of 2008 – scroll past the “photos” of food (why?!) to get some corkers.

1. Top 30 failed technology predictions – always good to avoid hubris…


And another network…

twinThis time it’s BA. They’ve created a social network for NY and London – – so that people flying transatlantic can get and make recommendations. Kudos to BA for having the bravery to invest in something like this – but I guess they have a lot of transatlantic business customers.

I wonder if all this is the fruit of pitches and proposals last year in the height of social networking frenzy when they were the latest thing. How well will they succeed in an environment where they are a bit old hat?

I’ll definitely be following their progress.

Little Black Book

littleblackbookYou sort of have to like First Direct, their very DNA is about change/adaptation and service, things that are central to good business and to great brands. I now like them even more because they have launched Little Black Book.

1/3 of all First Direct customers were recommended the service by other customers, so what better application of social networking then to create and exclusive recommendation app for “people like us” – Little Black Book.

I like it because it is born out of the brand, fits the brand and has a purpose – the key things for a social network to be succesful. I also like it because it is a bank thinking differently in times when thinking differently will undoubtedly take more courage.

BIMA for Imagination

A great time was had at the BIMAs last week and what was really nice was that we won an award for a project we’ve done for Landrover. We got the award for short form content that we distributed to self-selected customers via mobile phone. The content was all about the LRX concept vehicle, Landrover’s forthcoming hybrid so we had a great story to work with.

I don’t often talk about the work that we do at Imagination but I feel like I can with this one because I wasn’t part of the team that worked directly on it and I think those guys deserve their due for a great project. It looked beautiful but was also enabled because of forward thinking clients who understand the importance of taking care with mobile delivery not to intrude on people’s personal space without permission.

Matt Locke has written some good stuff on personal spaces in different media which I would direct you to instead of me going on about it! You can find it on his blog, here.

I want my MTV!!!

Take a look at this. It’s the new website for MTV, as sent to me by the super types at VSL.


Being of a digital nature I happen to subscribe to a variety of newsletters and great sources of information from all over the world. I rarely – no sorry make that never – look at a site or blog or newsletter subscription or mobile phone update and think,

“Do you know what? I don’t live in the locality in which that bitching content is created, so I think I’ll like, completely ignore it and pretend it doesn’t exist.”

I don’t know if you could read the text in the middle of that image but it reads as follows

“Copyrights restrict us from playing this video outside the US.”

Because location and restrictions are very important to the digital native. Oh sorry, no that’s right, borders are transcendable to the digital native….

Hang on just a moment you guys, do you think you might have made a mistake here….?

Well, never mind eh? I’ll just go and watch all of these videos on YouTube. When will the lawyers and agents and recording studios learn that they are losing money with this Luddite idiocy not saving it?

XDRTB and findme

When I receive something from two totally different sources I start to take interest. I have now received information from two diametrically opposed sources about XDRTB (Extreme Drug Resistant TB) and so I think it’s worth posting about it. XDRTB is a strain of TB that as its name implies is resistant to the usually applied drugs. With the right care and management it can be overcome, but as usual it is the poorest countries which are largely the worst affected and the poorest in those countries who won’t get that care and management that will make the difference between living and dying.

My first information about it was from TED and Deep Church on the same day last week outlining the problem and the campaign with proposed actions, and then just today wherenext started to follow me on Twitter which led me here to What is the Question? clearly and awareness raising game about the disease. (It will be interesting to see who is behind it beyond TED and moblog, I have my own theories!)

Here’s the basics:-

“We invite you to come and explore with us. This game will take you on an adventure through London, on a hunt to find 43 objects that will give you the elements you will need to be able to ask the question.”

Each clue leads you to a map reference in the Square Mile. I’ve found the first one but to play you actually have to head on down there and find an object.

I am not sure how this links into XDRTB but I am sure we will find out.

Now I just have to fit this into my social schedule alongside annasphone etc….

I wasn’t sure quite why everyone seemed to be ranting about the new update but now I know. Neither of my blogs are updating with my delicious links and of course the widget doesn’t really explain why the links I am looking at are interesting. Yawn.

So I have posted them into a widget on the right hand nav for the time being and I guess I will have to draw your attention to them through the blog old-stylee.

If you want to know why I have posted the various links then check out my feed  – or join my network on delicious and hopefully all this will get sorted out soon.