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I am very excited because we have co:collective CEO Ty Montague author of True Story coming to speak at an event we are hosting at Imagination. There will also be, along with 3M, Bacardi and other experts all discussing the art of storydoing. We’ll be finding out how companies can go from being story tellers to storydoers by creating unforgettable experiences and placing them at the heart of their brand stories.

And I will be chairing, which is always fun.

It’s part of a series of events we’ve had at Imagination, the last one being about experience content.

We tend to stream these events so if you have any questions for Ty Montague let me know!


Women in management

Here is something I found and have lifted directly from a report by Odgers Berndtson. They are executive recruitment consultants, so you’d think they might have a point.

“Enabling women to work on the same terms as men is not just about fairness: There is a robust business case for promoting women to senior management. There is evidence that female influence at the top brings important benefits, including:

∎ Higher profits, more risk awareness, less hyper competition and a greater ability to survive financial downturns.
∎ Policies that contribute to individual and societal health – education, families, entrepreneurship.
∎ A stronger integration of work and family leading to higher productivity and quality of life.
∎ Increased commitment to both personal and corporate responsibility and broader and more long-term planning.
∎ Management that reflects 21st century teamwork and participative decision making.

Tarr-Whelan, 2009″

Just saying…


Lovely take on the Coke Happiness idea – TD Canada

This is a very personalised take on the idea of a machine that usually requires a transaction surprising you by giving something back. It’s been created for the bank TD Canada.

yes they are using the data of their customers, but the end result is rather lovely.

Emotions from Facts. Clever and touching.


Facebook’s Trending Platform for the #WorldCup

Trending World Cup[1] A big AHOY to Facebook’s trending platform for the World Cup. And what better way to demonstrate the “world-ness” of said World Cup than with a map showing where fans are engaging from.

All you need to follow your team – if you’re quite lazy like me…


Best experiential tech this week – Anki

I’d like to introduce you to Anki. It’s a physical/digital game and its controlled by AI. Why do I love this? It’s simple, elegant, addictively fun and I couldn’t work out how it works just by looking at it. We have been playing with this in the office. A lot.

The cars detect codes that are part of the track and that allows them to determine their position on the race track. It communicates that back to your phone and you play via an app. As you get better your experience gets better, you earn upgrades, and of course the software keeps updating so it’s a toy that gets better the longer you have it.

Yet another development in the world of connected devices which proves that it’s not all about fridges and garage doors.


Excellent Basketball Court Projection


The Storytelling Animal: How Stories Make Us Human

The Storytelling Animal: How Stories Make Us HumanThe Storytelling Animal: How Stories Make Us Human by Jonathan Gottschall
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A really interesting exploration on how integral story is to being human. From the stories we use to explore dangers whilst asleep to our endless need for conspiracy theories. Very readable with interesting anecdotes and some of the author’s own personal storied thrown in to illustrate.

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